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Jaguar XJ6 80-87, XJS 76-80  road wheel hubcap with badge. These come from Jaguar under parts # CAC 9820 (list price  $18.25)and # C 42191 (list price $8.30) and are meant to be glued together by the customer. We have pre-glued these and have them on special for $19.95 for both pieces.

“FURFLEX” Door seal --- this is top quality velour covered rubber seal used on many early sports cars such as MGB, Midget, TR6, Spitfire, etc. Can be used as a replacement for the plastic type found on some of the later cars. Normally priced at $4.45 per foot, it is on sale for $3.95 per foot.

Jaguar XJ6 1978 to 1987 fuel pumps. This pump under Jaguar part  # CBC 5657 lists for  $352.50 and we have them on sale for $199.50 for a new pump or $129.00 exchange for a rebuilt pump. Both carry a one  year warranty.

Triumph TR8 clutch slave cylinder hose. We found a limited supply of these previously discontinued hoses (Triumph part # UKC 8455 ) and have them priced at $35.00 each.

TR6 heater valve (Triumph part # 565755) These are original valves made by Smiths in England--- not a Taiwanese reproduction. List price $38.80 ; on sale for $28.95.

MGB and MGA heater valve ( MG part # BHA 5298 )--- original valve made by Smiths

List price $38.80 ; on sale for $28.95

Rebuilt rocker shaft assemblies. If  your engine makes a lot of valve clatter even though the valves are adjusted properly, check  your rocker assembly for wear on the rocker shaft & bushings. We stock the following assemblies and can supply others on a custom basis:

   MGA & MGB                                           Reg. $129.50 ; sale price  $109.50 exch.

   TR3 & TR4                                              Reg. $189.50 ; sale price  $159.50 exch.

   MG Midget 1275                                      Reg. $125.00 ; sale price  $105.00 exch.

   Spitfire & Midget 1500                              Reg. $129.50 ; sale price  $114.50 exch.

   TR6 & GT6                                              Reg. $209.50 ; sale price  $185.00 exch.

Range Rover 1987-94 and Defender 1992-95 new water pump

(Rover part # STC 483 )                         List price $220.52 ; sale price $159.00

Triumph TR7 brake master cylinder (# GMC 217)                  sale price $199.50

Jaguar XJ6 1980-87 grille. These grilles come less the motif bar and under Jaguar part # BAC 1573 list for $665.00. We have a high quality reproduction on sale for $225.00.

Super Slot slotted brake rotors. These high quality brake rotors are slotted to allow the braking system to operate at lower temperatures by dissipating the high temperature gasses which build up during braking. The end results are shorter braking distances, better braking efficiency and longer pad life.

   MGB                                    #SS-042                  $67.50 ea.

   MG Midget with disc wheels   #SS-009                  $62.50 ea.

   MG Midget with wire wheels   #SS-010                  $65.00 ea.

   TR6,TR250,TR4A                   #SS-067                  $89.50 ea.

   Jaguar XJ6 76-87 front            #SS-028                  $112.50 ea.

   Jaguar XJ6 76-87 rear             #SS-026                   $72.50 ea.

   Jaguar XJS front                     #SS-028                   $112.50 ea.

   Jaguar XJS rear                      #SS-028                   $72.50 ea.

EBC Kevlar high performance brake pads. Made in England of DuPont Kevlar which has a much higher friction level than conventional pads to prevent brake fade under severe braking conditions. They also run much cleaner with virtually no brake dust.

                                             Front                                           Rear

   A H  3000 64-7              #DP2291     $69.80

   MGB                            #DP2107     $59.80

   MG Midget                   #DP2127      $47.80                  

   TR6,250                      #DP2291       $69.80

   TR7                            #DP2127       $47.80

   TR8                            #DP2240       $72.80

   Spitfire                        #DP2114       $59.80

   Jaguar XJS 75-96        #DP2262       $109.80                 #DP2101  $84.80     

   Jaguar XJ6 68-73        #DP2108       $109.80                #DP2101   $84.80

   Jaguar XJ6 74-87         #DP2262      $109.80                #DP2101   $84.80

   Jaguar XKE 69-74        #DP2108      $84.80                  #DP2101   $84.80

   Jaguar XJ6 88-89          #DP2756/2  $109.80             

   Jaguar XJ6 90-97,XJR,XK8      #DP2689/2  $97.80

   Jaguar S-type 99-         #DP21220   $109.80

   Jaguar XJ12 94-97        #DP21009    $147.80