Current Salvage List






Here is a small list of our current MG and Jag inventory. Call for latest selection and other models!



Yr./model Stock# Mileage Damage Color Options
80 MGB C-507 Intact Black Limited edition
79 Midget C-409 111K Hit rt. Side Brown
79 MGB C-599 Front White Rebuilt engine
79 MGB C-550 92K Hit R/front Brown
78 MGB C-585 118K Bad Eng. Maroon
77 MGB C-608 Front Ochre Overdrive,Luggage rack
77 MGB C-578 121K Rust White Overdive
77 MGB C-514 95k Allover Red
76 Midget C-593 Intact Yellow Rebuilt engine
76 MGB C-566 Rust Blaze red
74 Midget C-600 Allover Purple
74 MGB C-430 66k Allover White
73 Midget C-606 46k Hit front Blue  
73 Midget C-592 Intact Orange New top,excellent eng.,gbx.
73 MGB C-534 Intact Green Wire wheels
73 MGB C-527 157K Bad Eng. Orange
72 MGB C-554 Hit L/front White
70 MGBGT C-555 157K Rust Yellow Rebuilt eng.,wire wheels
70 MGBGT C-517 Intact Grey
69 Midget C-579 Intact Blue
69 MGB C-481 81k Hit front Yellow
68 Midget C-513 148K Hit front Orange
68 MGB C-557 Hit rear White Wire wheels
67 Midget C-575 Bad Eng. Yellow Very original cond.
67 MGBGT C-505 Bad gbx. Red Wire wheels
67 MGBGT C-493 136K Hit front Green Wire wheels,overdrive
65 MGB C-518 Bad Eng. Red Wire wheels
61 MGA C-594 Burn Wire wheels




Yr./model Stock# Mileage Damage Color Options/Comments
90 XJ6 C-461 53K Rollover White Very nice tan interior
90 XJ6 C-570 105K Hit front Grey Excellent interior
89 XJS C-540 83K Hit front Blue Clean well maintained car
89 XJ6 C-458 31K Hit front Blue Low mileage
88XJ6 C-485 Hit front Grey Black interior
88 XJ6 C-535 Interior fire Green Vanden Plas model
88 XJ6 C-569 Eng fire White
88 Xj6 C-576 126K Hit rear Green Good front clip
88 XJ6 C-615 Bad engine White Good project car
87 XJSC C-538 98K Eng fire White Rare Cabriolet model
87 XJ6 C-526 54k Hit front Blue Clean low mileage car
86 XJS C-548 Recovered theft Red Runs, interior missing
86 XJ6 C-558 Hit Rt/Rear Blue
86 XJ6 C-501 Hit front Blue Had rebuilt engine
85 XJ6 C-546 99K Hit front Silver Nice red interior
84 XJ6 C-605 Hit L/Front Blue Low mileage
84 XJ6 C-568 Flood Black
84 XJ6 C-560 116K Hit L/Side Gold Vanden Plas model
84 XJ6 C-549 Hit front Brown Nice tan interior
83 XJ6 C-610 Bad engine White Rebuilt transmission
83 XJ6 C-591 Intact Black
82 XJ6 C-582 Minor allover White
82 XJ6 C-611 Bad paint, gbx Blue Very good engine
82 XJ6 C-530 110K Intact, bad eng
79 XJ6 C-616 87K Bad engine Brown Excellent paint&body-good project car
79 XJ6 C-562 Bad engine Blue Very good body
79 XJ6 C-522 81K Vandalized Blue Very good body
76 XJ6C C-604 Eng fire White Rare 2 door coupe, excellent interior
74 XJ6 C-598 Bad engine Yellow Very good body